Cate Blanchett – Chameleon


I watched Benjamin Button again, admiring the seemless special effects (the only way special effects should be noticed and admired, not at all). But mostly musing on Cate Blanchett (the ever-astonishing muse), and wondering about the inured stupidity of the Academy of Motion Pictures to not so much as acknowledge her with an Oscar nod for this role.

(I do think, inure, the correct term. In psychology, desensitization is also known as inurement. It occurs when an emotional response is repeatedly evoked in situations in which the action tendency that is associated with the emotion proves irrelevant or unnecessary.)

Have we become so inured to Ms. Blanchett’s mystifying array of skills that we are no longer awakened to a genius performance? Yes, she received an Oscar in 2004 for playing Kate Hepburn in Aviator. (She was, by the way, the first person ever to garner an Academy Award for playing a previous Oscar recipient…crowning her into the exclusive category of Reel Pioneer.). And yes, she received two more nods in 2006, one for her ground-defying performance as Bob Dylan.

But if one achieves persistent excellence, Hollywood’s rule seems to be, best to ignore them a few times around, otherwise. Otherwise, what? You have to wonder.

Cate’s transitions from transcendently beautiful ballerina to a breathless dying ancient woman is seamless and impeccably morphed. She is blessed by what she has called an actor’s face, by which she means, her persona quite blissfully disappears behind whatever character currently dominates her psyche. And for this small miracle, blessed are we all who happen to be traveling this planet at the same time.

Luckily, stupidity and insurgent insecurity of the Academy voting membership doesn’t effect Blancett’s luminosity. Charlie Rose did some lovely chats with Cate.

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