The Biggest Movie of All

Some Help From the Dead

Today I received the first copies of my new book, SOME HELP FROM THE DEAD published by Red Hen Press. Having a book published is always a euphoric, though surreal affair. For months and months you live with this thing under your skin. A huge growth. So large it permeates, amoeba-like, though all the pours of your psyche. Wars are going on all around you, but you’re oblivious. It is the biggest movie of all. The movie of your mind.

Then, finally the book arrives! You hold this thing in your hand. Wow! You open it. Wow. Then it comes, the sinking feeling. What is it?

It’s not that it’s not beautiful. It is! So what is this, this underwhelming feeling?

I think it’s that for all its NEWness, it is not at all new. Not to you, the author. And you feel that when you embrace the book like this, in its new form, that it SHOULD feel new.

So now what? What do you do? You blog. You call your friends. You walk the dog. You call your friends again, to celebrate. But everyone is too busy with their own movies.

So here it is. The day of the apocalypse. And what to you do?

Chop wood. Carry water…

But it’s my new book. I’m proud of it and I’m proud to be published by such a fine publisher as Red Hen. If you would like to see what I’ve been up to, if you’d like to support me, please order the book via this link:;bookUUID=9B4A474B-AC76-9DFA-D003-7CC54DA594F7

And please let me hear your thoughts…


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