Kidman & Owen Shocked at the Horrific Script of Their New Movie

Hemingway & Gelhorn last night. Really HBO? Are you kidding? I trudged through it for an hour. Thank goddess I was rescued by a rerun of “The Closer,” guest starring a drunk Elizabeth Perkins.

The best part of H&G was Nicole Kidman’s makeup, voice, and performance as an elder Gelhorn. As for Clive Owen’s Hemingway, well, let us just reiterate the great Dorothy Parker in saying that his emotions ran the full gamut from A to B.

For a more nuanced rendition of Hemingway, see Corey Stoll’s brilliant, comedic performance in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris.

Isn’t anyone manning, or better, womaning the ship at HBO? Can no one tell a good script from a bad anymore?

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