Kudos JILL!

Jill Soloway has a thing or two to teach Hollywood! On the new season of her TRANSPARENT she’s recruited transgender people for cast and crew. And where they weren’t skilled, say in writing or directing, she’s taken pains to train them. For Studio Bosses, including those of the female persuasion, with no women directors on their lists…take note! Quit whining that women directors can’t be trusted with action pictures, or that they can’t take the heat, or that they don’t want the work badly enough. All fibs. But if you really believe these excuses, then take a note from Jill…Find them, recruit them, train them. Populate the industry with female blood, and your next picture will be swamped with the qualified female applicants you say don’t exist. Of course they do, It’s just that you and your patriarchal-covered lenses render them invisible.

NY Times on Jill’s New TRANSPARENT season

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