83rd Oscars – No Women Directors, Just to be Perfectly Clear…

I enjoyed the show much more than anticipated. I thought the set was gorgeous. Very creative and magical. Anne Hathaway was over-bubbly beyond belief, but refreshing (although I really could have done without her WHOOPING sounds every time she introduced a star…this wasn’t college basketball). James Franco was a bit dour for my tastes.

No big surprises award-wise. I’m glad Christian Bale got his due for The Fighter. He’s a gifted young actor and certainly one to watch.

But what, oh what, was up with Hilary Swank and Kathryn Bigalow presenting the Best Director award?? Can someone please explain this to me? What message were they were hoping to convey by pairing an actress known primarily for her feminist roles, with the only female director ever to win an Oscar, to present the Best Director Award to six ALL MALE candidates?! In doing this, the Academy seemed to not only highlight, but to punctuate the fact that, once again, not a single woman was nominated…(but hey, remember when we did it once!) Good job Academy!

Am I the only one to catch this and be baffled by it?? I’d love to hear.

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